Thursday, January 22, 2009

Patrick - the Leasing Agent

I received an email from a guy that I spoke to in the past but never met up with asking me if I was free. He lets me know he can host at his office and it's completely clear. I weigh the offer cause office sex can be really hot, see Lewis part 2, or kinda lame. I head over to the Mart and it ends up the guy is one of the leasing agents and takes me to any empty space. We go in the back and start kissing. He's rubbing my cock through my suit and I start to do the same. He's rock hard already. He fumbles through taking my belt off and unzipping my pants and pulls my dick out. He starts giving me head and is doing a decent job. He goes at it for about 5 minutes and stops, wants to kiss again. I undo his pants and pull his dick out. He's about 6 inches and average girth. I start blowing him for a bit before I go back up. Patrick wants to jerk and kiss. I let him for a bit before I push him down and start fucking his mouth. I'm over the nice and sweet bj and want it my way, I want to own his mouth. While I'm fucking his mouth, he shoots his load. That gets me harder but I keep raping his mouth. I can tell I'm edging and tell him I'm going to cum. He jumped away so fast, I had to concentrate or risk blue balling myself. I was focused enough to cum. We finish up and I get back to the office. He's already sent me an email saying next time we need a bed (he wanted to fuck but didn't have condoms, nor did I). I let him know it was all good and he responds I was better than that. I let it be cause he wasn't better than good but I may want to nail him down the road. Why fuck something up by being too honest and instead allow him to believe he was all that.

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