Friday, January 9, 2009

Looked but no luck

Had a long day Wednesday and an early morning on Thursday so I was pretty useless at work. I was there but just killing time looking for a hot dude. I found a couple but they were geographically undesireable. I wasn't about to take public trans for an hour just to get laid. Instead, I went home, drank a couple of beers and watched the BCS championship game between Florida and Oklahoma. Watching those hot stud QB's, I beat off to the thought of a 3 way with Florida QB Tim Tebow and Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford. It didn't take long to shoot a nice load. And since it was mine, I ate it thinking it was his cum. Whose cum do you think I wanted?


  1. being that i have a personal vendetta against tebow because of my obvious school alliance lets go with bradford

  2. It was a tough call cause there is something about Bradford (maybe that sweeping frat boy hair or the deer in the headlights innocence) but it was me thinking about that superman hotass Tebow blowing his load down my throat. Seriously, how fucking hot is his bod.