Monday, January 12, 2009

Mike - Cute Middle Eastern Persian Dude

One of the good things about the snowy day ad was that I reconnected with an old trick. Mike, a a tall Iranian dude (now 30, 6'2, 185, with a huge dick) that I fucked around with regularly a few years back answered my ad. I wasn't able to meet up with him because he was too far away on a snowy day. We met up on Sunday, but he said it had to be a quickie. I meet up with him and he starts out with some great head. But time is turning short so he tells me to cum so I do a little frottage. This is the fastest way to get me to cum. It didn't take long for me to cum with all that friction. Mike is a huge salad tosser. It's time for him to blow, so he starts to eat my ass out and jack off. He lasted about 2 minutes before he blew his wad and without needing to clean up before Sunday brunch.

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