Monday, January 5, 2009

Saturday the 3rd - Role play with Paul

After last night I needed to redeem myself in my own world. I was looking for some one side, I dominate the guy, get off and leave. As much as I hate selfish fucks, today I was going to be a selfish top. So I put out an ad for some roleplay and come up with the idea that I'm the landlord coming to collect the rent which you don't have. To keep me at bay, you offer to suck my dick and then I make you give up your ass. I meet up with this guy Paul, he's 6' tall, 175, probably early 30's, brown hair, brown eyes. Not exactly my type but the guy I really wanted flaked out, so he'll due. So I get to his place and get comfortable and the scene goes down like this LL: Where's the rent? Tenant: I don't have it LL: Start moving your shit out before I throw it in the street. Tenant: Can I do something to not get evicted? LL: Where's your girlfriend? Tenant: She's just left for work. LL: You can suck my dick. Tenant: Will you forget about the rent if I do. LL: Nope, you have to give me your virgin ass for that. Tenant: OK, but don't tell her. LL: Start sucking, whore. He unbuttons my pants and I starts sucking my dick. After I get hard, I grab his head and start fucking his mouth. He's having trouble and I yell at him to take it faggot. After a bit, I tell him to turn around and he points to the lube and condom on the bed. I push him down on the bed, lube up, and rip the condom out. Then I just start to roughly fuck his ass. This whole scene is about being taken and in my mind he gets fucked like a little bitch. And he does until he lets me know that he can't take it anymore. I move him around and start fucking his mouth again until I get ready to shoot. I warn him and he backs off and I shoot all over his face. He starts getting really worked up and then he shoots his load all over himself. As I', leaving, I tell him that he owes the whole rent and has until next week since he didn't take my cock til completion. He gulps and says dude you really take this seriously. I wink and walk away. Next time he will need his rent money to get my dick. Just kidding, but I dug the role play. And before you ask, I didn't feel bad for the rough fuck, it was part how something like this really would have went down.

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