Sunday, January 4, 2009

Friday night disappointment - Brandon

Unexpectedly on Friday, late, after 9, I was free. I decided to take advantage of the situation and see what was out there. If I knew, I wouldn't have beat off earlier or drank the wine. So I put up an ad and this young dude, Brandon answers. He's 23, 5'6. 150. From his pics he wasn't fat but solid, muscular. I head over to his place. It's freezing out and I have to wait for him to come down and open the gate. He's totally cuter in person, nice little Irish boy. Auburn hair, nice little body, solid. We get up to his pad and it's sort of a New York style loft - brick walls, bed elevated 8 feet from the ground. We go to the bed and start chatting and kissing. It's almost sweet, like we had been on a date and are messing around after for the first time. He' s totally cock hungry and starts by unbuttoning my jeans and pulling my cock out. He starts sucking it. I eventually take my pants off and start to take my socks off and he says don't I have a sock fetish. That's cool bro but don't ask me to mess with your feet. I get naked and start taking his clothes off and it's all good except for the thong. He's got a nice milky white skin, the type with pink nips and cock. He's also a little hairy but in all the right spots. His cock is nice, bigger than I thought it would be. He's sucking me again, I am kissing his neck, twisting his nips, moving to his cock and start fingering the outside of his ass. He gets up and goes to this box and pulls out some poppers and lube. He lubes my cock and his ass, takes of hit of poppers and sits on my cock, no condom. I'm stoked cause I like to fuck bare and we never talked about it. He rides me and it's good despite the mattress being soft and sinking. He's controlling the fuck while he's sniffing away on the poppers I decide to start thrusting in him to see how he takes it. He's doing OK, so I pick up the speed and starting using my hands to thrust him up and down too. I lift him up and move him to his back with my cock still in him. I hit a couple of soft spots, one in his ass and the other his head on the brick wall. He says he needs a sec and goes to the bathroom. So we stop and I lose my hard on. He gets back and I'm soft and I start rubbing on him, frottage style. No luck. I turn him over and rub on his ass which almost always works, no luck again. We tried for 25 minutes and no go. I take a piss hoping that will help, we're sol. I tell him I don't think I can get it hard. He was really cool about it but not happy. I ask what I can do to get him off. He says keep trying to get hard and asks me to rub my feet and dirty socks on his face while he jerks. I let him suck on my socks and feet and he cums. I try to be cool and feel bad cause I really wanted this boy. By the look on his face, I know I'll never get a second chance and I'm pissed cause he's totally fucking adorable. A lesson learned, when drinking, I may want to keep and ED pill close by.


  1. i had a very similar experience last night, but guy could never get hard when i was ready to get fucked but as soon as i started sucking he was standing high, only difference was he blamed weed.

  2. Shit happens. I was definitely not happy about it and it wasn't what I wanted. But you can't beat yourself up over it. As long as its an isolated incident and not the norm, I'll deal with it. I'm going to let you know, the good and the bad.

  3. dude
    im really fuckin diggin ur blog...

    and i luv ur no nonsense "bend the fuck over and take my raw dick" attitude

  4. Hilarious - I fucked this guy a few times last winter too. It's gotta be the same one...