Monday, March 16, 2009

Late night take out

I totally fucked my sleep pattern up last week which wasn't helped by the time change so I ended up waking up in the middle of the night, and I'm talking wide awake. What's a boy to do at 3:00 am? Cruise. I meet up with this little Chinese twink, he's 22, 5'7, 135. Pretty cute. He says that he's open to anything but anal. It's late so I figure it's better than nothing. He tells me to be quiet because his roommate is home. We go to his room and start kissing and rubbing up on each other. We start undressing and he has these really hot lightening bolts on each side of his body right where the pubic hair would start/end. We end up in the bed kissing for about 10-15 minutes rubbing on each other, enjoying a good make out session. I eventually start kissing down him and take his cock in my mouth. He's about 6 inches so I can take it pretty easily. I go down on him for about 10 minutes until my mouth gets tired and I switch up spots with him and he starts blowing me. After five minutes, we switch it up again and I start sucking his prick. I eventually start licking downward and eat his ass out. It really gets him going and me too. I had to stop because I almost came while rimming him. At this point I start rubbing my cock on his hole. I know he said he didn't want anal but I got to at least try to get it. He's really getting into it and didn't say anything, so I stick my cock in his ass raw. I get about half way in and he asks me to stop. Fuck, almost right, I'm thinking it was worth the try. To my surprise, he wasn't saying stop to the fuck just the position because he gets on top of me and positions my cock to fuck him while he's laying on me. It was kinda hard to do but he was putting in the effort. He was nice and tight too. I didn't last too long tonight as I had already edged when I was tossing his salad. I blew my load in him after about 3 minutes. I then gave him head again until he came and snuck back in my house.

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  1. I have chimes on my doors so sneaking out in the middle of the night would never work for me. Hot post.