Monday, March 9, 2009

What a pain in the As*ian this guy was

I was up real early last week and put up this ad for an early morning fuck. This cute Filipino guy responds and we make plans to meet up. He makes me promise that this will not be a blow and go situ, he is looking for a longer encounter. Sure, I have some time so sounds OK. I get there and he's just like his pic, mid 20's, I believe 25 or 26, 5'6, 145, smooth. We start undressing and we get into bed. He starts kissing me and I start moving down his bod. As soon as I get to his nips, he starts complaining that I can only lick them, no sucking, biting or twisting. Whatever dude, let's take all the fun out of nipple play. I comply and eventually start going down and start sucking on his cock. It's small, probably about 5 inches. As a top, a big dick doesn't do much for me but it's nice to look down at a big one when you are fucking ass. He asks me to eat him out. After all of his rules, I was waiting for something goofy. I start eating his ass and he's getting into. He asks if he can sit on my face. Not the way I usually do it but I'm game. Plus, I want to fuck that ass so, if this gets him going, it's all good. He sits on me and I get in his ass pretty deep with my tongue and tongue fuck him. He's getting off on it and his man pussy is getting nice and wet. I lift him off and go behind him, starting to rub my cock on his ass. He asks if I have any condoms. I tell him no and can feel the air leave the room cause as fussy as this bitch is I know he's not going to let me fuck him raw. To my surprise he leaves his ass out and not needing an invitation, I put my cock deep in this little slut's hole. I'm fucking him for about a minute when he pipes up..."I don't fuck bareback". I'm thinking guess, what bitch, you are today. I keep at it and about 2 or 3 minutes later he pulls a move which makes me come out of him. At this point, he clenches his ass up and is going to make it hard for me to get back in. Never one to give up or not like a challenge, he's either going to let up and just let me finish, he's going to get a serious ass wall breach or I'm just going to have to quit. He ended up with a serious ass wall breach. Then he starts complaining about how it hurt and I was not in the mood to hear any more of his shit, so I told him to shut the fuck up. He kinda listened as I was on top of his grinding my dick deep in his tight little ass and not stopping and he ultimately said just don't cum inside me. Fine, I'll give him that. I keep pounding for a little bit and pull out and blow my load up his back. He immediately starts questioning about where I came and goes on for a bit. I'm kinda exasperated with this guy but want him to cum too so I tell him to jack and I start licking his nipples. He blows fairly quickly and starts to hold me trying to cuddle. I'm so not feeling this right now but I did kinda rough fuck him plus I promised a longer encounter. So I wait for a few minutes organizing my schedule for the day as he is talking about some nonsense that I'm trying to block out. Eventually I tell him I had to go, wash up and hit the road. Even though I got what I wanted, I think I would have been better off beating my meat at home. I hate prissy boys. He was such a cunt.


  1. Dude, you totally should have cum in his ass! Or at least blown the first few shots inside before you pulled out. When they're prissy like that, that's what they deserve. -Dan

  2. You have a point. He was a pain in the ass but I it did enjoy abusing his ass and breaking him.