Monday, March 30, 2009

The 40 year old virgin returns

We all know that he isn't a virgin anymore thanks to me. That's his story and I probed him on it and he stuck to it claiming I was the first dude to fuck him which also makes me the first dude to breed him. He also lets me know his ass was sore for a week and I'm surprised since I took it easy on him. Oh well no one said bottoming was easy. Now it's happened a second time and I know he was sore. I met up with him again after a meeting I had by his house. I get there and much like the last time except he's really happy to see me. We don't waste much time, he takes off his clothes, I get out of my suit, he grabs some lame lotion like Jergens or Suave, lubes his ass and my cock and sits on me. I let him get comfortable and I start aggressively fucking him from underneath. After a few minutes, I reposition him on his back and just start an aggressive all out assault on his ass. I bang him so hard he's hitting his head against the wood bed frame but I won't let him move. I just keep pounding my raw dick in his tight ass until I shoot my load deep in his Latin daddy ass. We clean up and I leave. No BS, no kissing, just two mutually satisfied guys. I might have to make find a reason to have a meeting out this way again.

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