Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Waiter Boy

The Mexican waiter boy texts me to have sex again. I wasn't all that interested in doing it so I told him I was busy now. He gets back to me and says that's cool, when am I free. I told him later. He responds back that he has to work but he might be able to fuck me at work. Well, now I am interested. The no kiss, no suck BS won't be an issue this is a fuck and run. He lets me know the details that he and the bartender have to get there early to set up. The bartender never comes back to the kitchen area and as long as we are done by 4:30, 4:45, we'll be all good. So I get to the area of the restaurant close to 3:45. He tells me to come around back and lets me in through the back kitchen door. We find a spot that is secluded but allows us to know in advance what is going on. He undoes his pants but tells me not to take mine off in case something goes wrong. Makes sense. I undo mine and I am semi hard so I start rubbing on his ass. He hands me a condom and I put it on, spit on my cock and his ass and push in. He gasps really loud cause it's a bit dry and probably hurt a bit. I spit down on my cock hoping to get some extra lube there and and push forward. I am fucking him aggressively from the start as we need to blow and go. He should be quieter than he is but I keep tapping his hot little Mexican ass. I am really giving it to him hard, I can feel my boys edging. We start really making too much noise but fortunately the bartender doesn't give a shit. I feel it coming and I blow my load. He starts jacking furiously as I stay in him and fuck a little slower. he shoots his load and I pull out. He wasn't as clean as he should have been so I am actually glad we had a condom. Did I just say that? He shows me the back door and I take off. I know one thing for sure, I will never eat in that filthy restaurant.


  1. i want to know what resturant. Neither do i.

  2. Thank God I live in the Bay Area. Lol.