Saturday, April 4, 2009

Meeting up again with UofC boy

U of C boy and I make plans to meet up. We both have stuff going on so we make it for late of a Saturday. I am really looking forward to it cause he turns me on. I just love skinny twink guys. Plus he's so smooth, with his sinewy muscles, and his boyish looks, I can beat off to the thought of our first adventure. He doesn't disappoint. I arrive at his pad and we listen to music and talk for a bit before getting down to things. He kisses me this time. Not the hot passionate kissing that I like but it's a start. I eat out his armpits, suck on his nipples and kiss down to his cock. I suck him off for a bit. He likes getting head but I am not going to let him cum this early so I stop. I lift his cute little ass up and lick from his balls to his hole. I then stick my tongue in and start eating his man/boy hole out. He loves getting his ass eaten as much as I love eating it. He has it nice and clean so I can go to town on it. Licking, penetrating, making out with his tight pink shit. After about 20 minutes, I am so hard and oozing pre-cum that I have to fuck him. He puts me on my back and lines up my cock and slowly sits on my cock. I let him get used to it and control the action. Once I see he's comfortable I switch things up and put him on his back. I love looking into a guys face when fucking. Watching the eyes roll and the face contort. I like that almost as much as looking at his cock load up with pre-cum as well as me going in and out. After a bit, he asks me to fuck him doggy-style. He wants me to cum inside him, with a condom on, so it's not as hot as if he wanted my raw seed, but I'm loving it. The good thing about doggy is that I can really bang his tight little ass. I start giving it to him. He fucking loves it and lets me know how much he wants it. He can't take it anymore, we've been fucking for about 30 minutes in total and his ass is sore so he asks me to stop. I do and lay down on his bed. He gets up over me and we start jacking. He is telling me how much he wants to see me cum. I keep stroking until I blow my load all over my chest. He then takes some cum and tastes it while stoking his cock, blowing his load all over me. We laid in bed for a bit chatting and learning a bit more about him. He fascinates me because I don't get him. Not at all. But I know one thing I am getting and that is his tail.


  1. Hey! That's Josh from CorbinFisher! Where'd you find that pic? Is that the guy you fucked?

  2. No. The pics on here are generally not the guy I fucked. I try to find pics that are representative of the guy. If they are his pics, I do not post a face.