Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crazy 3 way

I left off last time with me leaving the through the Latin kids window. The other guy that I was chatting with and put off until later was this black guy. His profile was all about how him and his boyfriend, that they love each other but like to fuck around with other dudes. That's cool, whatever works for you. I finish up with the Latin dude and text him cause we're supposed to meet up in a few hours. I don't get a response back and I figure he found someone more immediate. Well, later that afternoon I get a text that I played him. I was like dude you didn't get back to me. But the long and short is that he asks me to come over and I am already out and about so I say sure. I get there and head up to his place. M is a dark, skinny, sexy black dude, his skin is the color of hot chocolate. He's 25, 5'11, 165, nice body and a huge, pierced dick. He answers the door wearing a pair of shorts. Nice body. He invites me in and I go into what should be a bedroom but is the TV room. I go in and the other guy is laying on the couch, naked wearing a bandanna around his eyes. And right in the middle of the table is a huge can of Crisco. I'm doubting that this is his "boyfriend" but am game as the other dude is cute, 30 something, brown hair and a hot bod. I get naked and sit on the couch, next to bandanna boy, who starts stroking my cock. While this is going on hot chocolate greases up his dick with Crisco. Hot Chocolate gets his huge dick up and starts to fuck bandanna boy raw. I watch and decide to get involved so I grease up my cock and start and start stroking. I get hard pretty fast and am looking forward to fucking hot chocolate. I enter him raw while he's fucking bandanna boy from behind. I'm in him but it's kinda hard to keep a good rhythm going as the positioning is just a bit off. Eventually, I stop fucking hot chocolate, even though I want to push him to side and ram his little ass. Hot chocolate keeps fucking bandanna boy but eventually pulls out cause he lost his hard on. He nods at me and moves over to have bandanna boy suck his dick. I start fucking bandanna boy. I just start banging him pretty hard while I alternate between watching me bareback him and him sucking that big black cock. I end up shooting my load deep in him, not asking if it was OK but telling him that I am shooting as I do. I pull out and Hot Chocolate moves over and is stroking his cock near bandanna boys ass. He keeps stroking and then jams his big cock with the piercing in his ass and unloads. He pulls out, shows me the bathroom and I take off.

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