Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cum through my window

We were having this very snowy morning a bit back and I woke up in amazement to the heavy, wet snow. I woke up early and was horny as hell. I had a couple of different threads going so I had my pick. Did I want the three way that was a bit far or the oral session with a twink that lived close by. I chose the oral session with the twink and the three way but pushed that off to later in the day, another post to look forward to. So I head over in the crappy conditions. When I get to his place, I call him per his instructions. He tells me to come to his window, he'll open it and for me to come in. WTF??? His mom is home and sleeping so I can't come in any other way. This is f'd up but hot. Sneaking in his bedroom window to fuck around while his mom snores away down the hall. The possibilities are kooky and I like funky shit. I get to his place and head up the stairs to his window and he's waiting for me, He's a cute Latin kid, about 5'10, 175, a little pudge but in the baby fat way. The kinda look you can only get away with when you are his age. So I crawl through the window into his room. He's wearing boxers and a t-shirt so I start undressing. I get down to my briefs and we start kissing. He's a pretty good kisser and I'm loving his pierced tongue. We have a heavy make-out session, groping included. I can tell he has a nice cock, thick. We eventually get naked and he starts giving me head. He's good. Plus he is making sure his piercing hits all the right spots so I get a little extra sensation. He comes back up and starts kissing again. Now I start giving him head. His cock is 7 inches by 6 inches. A nice length but a monster in girth. I really have to open my mouth up to take his in and do it justice, ie no teeth. But I'm up for the challenge. What a cock whore I am. I blow him for a bit playing with his foreskin, taking as much as I can of his hog. He wants to 69 so he starts on top of me sucking. I suggest to do it side by side cause it seems to work better. We do for a bit. I finger his ass and he moves my hand away and says I'm a top. I was going to try for more but I can deal with some good head. We go at it for a bit and I end up getting up and stand at the side of the bed. I pull him to the side and start fucking his mouth while I stand there. Using it as my cum hole. I eventually shoot a nice load down it and he's only too eager to lick it all up. After I cum I get on down and really start sucking his dick. There's no gentle sucking going on. I am sucking on it like my life depending on it. I'm giving it my all and he's bucking back. My saliva is all over the place but I don't care I want his cock and I want it bad. He gets ready to cum and shoots his load on his stomach. We wipe him off, kiss a bit more and it's back out the window. I don't think Melissa Ethridge quite meant this when she wrote Come to My Window but it's fucking hot. Oh yeah, and mom slept like a baby while her son showed himself to be a cum slut.


  1. ur not doing so bad urself :)

    gotta get me back to IML and chi town soon !

  2. It would have been great to have mom walk in to see her son gobbling down a huge cum load. Lol.