Sunday, April 5, 2009

A rant and a tease: You can cum in my ...but no kissing

First the rant, what is with these boys. It's ok to cum in my mouth or my ass but I DON'T KISS. Seriously, does kissing a guy make you more gay than sucking his dick til he blows his load down your mouth. I'm going with the being a cum swallowing slut being more gay. How about taking my cock up your ass without a condom until I shoot my wad deep up your poop shoot or kissing a guy. Again, going with the boy being bred. I just don't get it. Plus kissing makes it so much hotter. What am I missing. Someone fill me in cause it doesn't make any fucking sense.

Second, I'm writing up a post about the return of Lewis. You may recall, he was the dude I first wrote about when I started my blog. Since our first few encounters, he moved out-of-state. Fortunately he returned to town and loves Windy City over here. Details of our how raw fuck and a first for him tomorrow.


  1. well coming from one of those guys i guess i can spread some light on the situation. i dont think its about being more gay, but maybe more intimate. i know i didnt kiss my first guy until i was 18, but i was sucking on dicks and getting fucked when i was 13 and 14. but for me kissing is more personal. i dont wanna just kiss any guy but im okay with being fucked by some random guy.

    but thats just my opinion on it and it boils down to kissing is more personal than having sex.

  2. That doesn't make sense to me. Taking a load is far more personal and intimate. Hell, even if you use a condom, getting fucked is more personal than kissing. And don't start me on rimming. I guess that's why everyone is different and none of this crap makes any sense.

  3. I agree with you, WCS, but it's true some guys have hang-ups about it. In Dallas once I fucked this young guy (raw) who not only brought his own lube, but even when I had my bare cock up his ass, he wouldn't let me kiss him. So weird! -Dan

  4. I have to agree about the fucking being more intimate than kissing. I willsuck some guys cock and kiss him ina heartbear, but fucking is a barrier I can't overcome. I want to, but feel I would be "cheating". Go figure.