Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lewis Cums Back - Part 1

It was too good for a single post. Lewis and I have been chatting online since he left town. Its kinda weird to imagine the two of us together. I'm a thirty something suit and tie yuppie and he's a young black kid that people would look at as a thug. There's a mixes of class, race and age. We couldn't be from more different environments. It doesn't matter. I don't look at him like that cause he's not about that at all. He's actually really sweet and down to earth when he isn't pretending to be something else. And some may say I'm not exactly what I seem to be either. He doesn't look at me like I'm some daddy. I think that's why our connection worked. No presumptions about what we were supposed to be portraying. Instead we were two guys that like to fuck like there was no tomorrow. So I'm glad to see him. Enough so, that I drove to the place he's staying to pick him up and drive him back so we can fuck. So I pick him up. He looks great. I'm talking really fucking good.

He's in the car and I start to rub his leg and feel his cock. I unzip his pants and start feeling his cock. He doesn't say a word. But he gets hard. I pull his cock and start stroking his cock. Feeling his head. Pulling the foreskin back and forth over the head. Feeling the pre-cum leak out. It's not enough to be feeling his cock. I have to see it. I pull it out of the jeans and start stroking it as we are driving down the expressway. As we whiz past the other cars and trucks, I have one eye on the road, one eye on the his hot cock. I have to pace this cause I sense he's close to coming. I can't have any of that. I don;t want him cumming before we really start to play plus I don't want his boys all over my leather seats or the dash. Plus, I'm ready to pound his ass and we're in the car still. Detour. We're not going to my house. I don't think I can take the extra time. I want to be in his hot ass. My bare cock penetrating deep inside him. Spreading his ass wall apart. I hope my office is clear. Even if it isn't, I'll shut the door and tell him to be quiet as a church mouse. People in the office or not, I'm going to fuck him there.