Monday, April 13, 2009

A forgettable fuck

It was more than just forgettable, I did forget all about it. I met up with this guy before Lewis. I was horny and his pics were good. He was 32, 6'1, 190 brown and brown. He said he was Latin but I swear he was more Eastern European than anything. I take the train to his place. First red flag is a run into someone I know while getting off the train. Not something that is so easy to explain what I am doing there in the middle of the day but I bullshit around it. Second red flag is that it's raining and I don't have any umbrella. Nothing new about that but who wants to be all wet before the trick happens. It was pretty perfunctory, I get there and we get down to business. He starts giving me head and is pretty good at it. A real positive. We go at it for a bit and he wants me to fuck him. He gets a condom and some lube and he's on his back. I line up my cock and start fucking him. He makes these weird whimpering noises that throw me off. It reminded me of the sound that dogs make when they are crying. After a bit of that, I was really disinterested in the fuck and my dick was reacting to it the same way. I pulled out and took off the condom, threw it on his chest and started back at him. I was at least a bit harder without the plastic. He let me but asked me to stop. I was OK with that and he said he wanted to blow me. I figured why not, and let him suck my dick. He did a good job and I eventually blew it down his throat. After I finished, I played with his balls while he came. Washed up and on my way out the door he asks me if I want to come back. I told he had my number and left. He probably went back through his email to realize I never gave it to him.

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