Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lewis Part 2 -

We get to my building. It's one of those high rise buildings where the doorman thinks he's a cop and won't let anyone through without signing in or having their pass out and checked, even if he knows you. I ask "security" if the "Melonie" is in and he tells me no. The coast should be clear. We take the elevator up and I tell him to wait because of the cameras. We get to the office and through the door to my office. Before I can shut it all the way, Lewis is on the floor, unzipping my pants. He pulls my cock out and starts giving me head. My cock jumps to attention. I'm so horny that without much attention, I am slick with pre-cum. It must have been that long ass hand job I gave him in the car. He is really going to town on me almost like he wants me to nut right away. I pull back and get him undress, taking his chocolate dick and taking in as much as I could. He stops and goes back to sucking my dick. I'm raging hard and want to fuck. I turn him around so he's leaning up against the desk and use the Vaseline to lube my cock and his ass. I open his cute little butt and push my mushroom head in past his ass pucker. He's really tight today. It has been awhile since he last fucked. I put some more Vaseline on and push all the way in, feeling his ass walls rip apart as I plunge all in. He gasps, I ask him if he's okay and he says it hurts a little. I ask him if he wants me to stop and he tells me to go slow but not to pull out. I slow fuck him allowing his butt to feel the heat in a good way. He eventually says to go faster so I start to pound his ass. We're going at it for awhile and says he wants to change positions. He get on the floor and gets on all fours. I stick my dick in from behind and he arches up and I start fucking him again. I'm giving it nice and hard. After a bit he says his ass is starting to get sore. I pull out and he starts sucking my dick with gusto. He licking up the taste of his ass juice and he's rock hard, stroking his meat fast and furiously. He keeps at me and I'm getting close to cumming. I let him know and he grabs my legs and goes all the way down on my cock. I pop my load deep down his throat. He swallows and tells me this is the first time he's ever swallowed before. I'm amused by it and he says he loves it. I start sucking his dick and and it isn't long before he shoots allover his chest. We start making out afterwards, lying in the middle of my office, naked, sweaty, with cum drying on us. Laying naked on the carpet, with rug burns everywhere, it all feels so damn good