Tuesday, April 21, 2009

He's a hot mess but a good fuck

Hot Chocolate and I made plans to meet in the morning. He texted me the address so I hit him up the next day and confirm. I get over to the place and it is a super creepy, decrepit house. I knock on the door and some crazy person answers. Sort of answers, through the door chain, which I might add would take a quick kick and the door might fall off its hinges. He's not here. Don't know him. I'm pissed. I text him. No response. I call, voice mail. I text again, no response. I leave. He finally gets back to me and says he went to Walgreens and to come back. He makes up some lame excuse about fucking up the address but it's next door. Reluctantly, I head back. I demand that he meet me outside and he bitches about getting dressed but he does. I'm really having second thoughts about this kid. Too much BS. He walks me up and he shows me the place. Ends up it is his exes place. After the tour, he gets down on his knees, takes out my cock and starts blowing me. Once I get hard, he asks how much time I have. I tell him not that much anymore, have to get to work. He goes over the bed, pulls off his shorts and lubes up my cock with elbow grease. Puts some on his hole and gets on all fours with his ass on the edge of the bed. Standing there, I line up my cock and penetrate his hole. His ass is so tight. I'm surprised. Maybe he was being straight about being mostly a top. I am rock hard and still pissed at this bitch so I push all in. One quick stroke. Fuck him, he's going take it like the slut he is. I just start pounding his ass. Giving it to him good and hard. He's moaning like a little girl, pushing his face into the pillow he grabbed. I love watching him take it. Seeing my white cock, ripping open his dark hole. I keep pounding away and it feels good. I'm getting off on his moans, pillow bites and fist clenching of the bed. I hold off for as long as I could, got in a good 20 minutes before I shoot my load deep up his ass. I fuck him after I cum, softly and pull out. He tells me that he can tell I like to fuck. Duh. I've been in him twice now and he watched me blow my load in his fuck bud. He tells me to text him again to fuck. As the title says, he's a hot mess but a good fuck.

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