Saturday, April 5, 2014

We had been chatting online for a week or so, trying to find a time to meet up.  His pics were damn sexy, mid 30's, black, 5'10, buff, about 170.  When we finally were able to meet up, I had to blow off Bi_boy to meet him, so you know I was interested.  He's staying with a relative so it makes it difficult to meet up plus he is located in the Northwest suburbs, so geographically, he is undesirable.  But I arrive at his place and he takes me to the basement.  I am a bit uncomfortable but I head down.  He immediately starts feeling me up, grabbing at my crotch and ass.  It sure didn't take long before I was ready.  He keeps at it and we start to kiss.  So far, so good.  I eventually start feeling him up and go and grab his cock and ass. Shortly after he unzips my pants and starts sucking my dick.  I let him go at it as I take off my clothes.  He has me hard as a rock and nice and wet.  He excuses himself and comes back, much to my surprise with only lube. When guys leave like that they usually are searching for a condom. He points over to the couch and I go and lay down on it.  He moves to the side and blows me so I am good and hard.  He stands up, lubes his ass and my cock and sits over me, one leg on the floor, one on the couch and guides my prick into his ass.  It is warm and tight.  After two minutes, he blows his load all over my chest.  I can feel the heat from his jizz which only makes me harder.  He is riding me like a pro and I am bucking into him.  Damn he is a hot lay.  Finally I can't take it anymore and I shoot my load deep in his ass.  Afterwards, I ask him about his scar and he says he was shot in Afghanistan.  Fuck, my first military dude and he is sitting with my boys deep inside him.  Fucking hotter now.  I wish I knew he was military before but it just got better.

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