Tuesday, May 6, 2014

the thing aka the hulk

I started meeting up with this muscle guy awhile back.   He is not my type at all, he is in his early 40's, 5'10 and I can't guess his weight cause he is built like a semi truck, .  He reminds me body wise of the thing from the fantastic 4 or a bit of the hulk.  I hooked up with him pretty much because I was horny,  in a hurry and he was the first doable guy to confirm.. plus,  I am always into trying something new. I really liked the scene. He wanted to kiss and be more intimate but this was about being manly,  aggressive,  physical worship.  it might get old for him but I am pretty sure it goes with being a muscle daddy.  I get real physical with him.  Grabbing his chest, mauling his tits, feeling his freakish stud body.   He plays into as well, flexing for me, grunting like a beast.   The first time,  I was grinding on him when I stuck my cock in him raw and just fucked him with the intensity of two wild animals.  The other times I did him from behind standing,  doggy style,  him on top of me and missionary. Every time,  he took my load and loved it. I lost touch with him as I accidentally deleted his email but heard from him and will be connecting up soon.  He's a good fuck and I like taking out any aggression I have on him so I don't like to lose touch with these guys.


  1. I don't know why but I find that a guy built like that whimpering as in ramming the fuck out of him is seriously hot...

  2. He takes it well. I'm pretty sure that he is used to getting rough fucked. It just brings it out of me.