Wednesday, March 19, 2014

alumni boy bottoms

Alumni boy and I set up a time to meet.  I meet him again at his brothers pkace.  We go to the couch again.  We  strip down and start feeling each other up. He lets me know he is really horny.  I suck his cock for a bit before I start eating out his ass.  I rim him enough to get it alk wet and ready.   I eventually start rubbing my cock against his crack before I put on a condom and enter him. He feels good and is able to take it. He is getting pretty vocal and cums pretty quickly.   i kept pounding away, dripping sweat all over him.   was pretty horned up so I kept it going until I couldn't hold back any more and I came.  Afterward,  he tells me that I hit a spot that made him cum. It was a nice ego lift because I always try to give my bottom my best. I know from my perspective that I gave him a long fuck session.   Probably a bit longer because I used a condom.

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