Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunday play time

I was horned up and all alone on a Sunday.  None of my regulars were around so I start cruising online.  I am working this hot, freaky guy that I know will be some wild-ass hot sex.  In the interim, I have this other guy in the wings in case it falls through.  The other guy is in his late 20's, Italian mix, about 5'11 and a bit over 200 pounds.  He is definitely a lot thicker than I normally go for.  After hot and freaky doesn't pan out, I confirm with the Italian thick boy.  He lets me know that there are a couple of guys coming over for a small group now.  I let him know I will be there as soon as I can.  It was a complete lie because I was not in any rush to get there.  As you guys may recall, I am not into groups.  For some reason, when I get to group action, I become way more passive and inhibited.  I arrive late and he lets me know that everyone else left but I am welcome to stay.  He passes over his bong and shares some wicked pot.  After a few hits, he asks if I am up for playing.  I am horned so I say yes but that I am only up for getting head, mainly because I don't know what happened before but don't want to be 7 of 9 (that is an intentional Star Trek reference in there).  He strips down to a jock strap and pulls out his cock and starts stroking.  I get naked and move over the edge of his bed.  He comes over and starts sucking my cock.  Since I have leverage on him, I start fucking his throat.  I go at it for a bit as he strokes and cums.  Eventually, I am getting ready to come and blow my load mostly on his face.  It is so hot looking down on him as he has my cum all over his face and beard.  He lets me know that he is almost always available since he works from home.  I'm tempted to add him to the regular list mainly because he had better dope than me.  Plus I appreciate a boy that is willing to just suck my cock without any reciprocation.  Should I add him to the rotation? Not so sure about that.

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  1. For the first time a few weeks ago, I fucked after smoking out. Problem is, I didn't particularly feel high but I did have this incredible dry mouth thing going on that was annoying... Oh, wait... that wasn't the question. I just meant to say fuck yeah, add that kid to the roster!