Monday, August 4, 2014

Bi-Boi and the Drama

We had been seeing each other regularly and the sex was great.  You were supposed to spend some time together this one weekend and on Friday, I get a text that he is going to be at his mother's house and he will get back to me.  No big deal.  The next day, he texts me and it starts out:

BiBoi:  You need to go get tested for STDs

That is a big statement.  I call him and it goes straight to voice-mail.  I try again, same thing.  I text him back and am freaking out.  He says he is going to the doctor now but he has some rash and I must have gave it to him.  I am totally freaked out and ask him to call me.  He responds:

BiBoi:  I haven't been with anyone but you.  Why else would I have a rash.

I am freaking out.  I don't understand what is happening.  I ask him where the rash is and it is on his back.  He tells me he will text me when we he is done with the doctor.  I am waiting for a bit and he texts me back that the doctor gave him some cortisone for the rash and said it was nothing to be concerned about that it was an allergic reaction.  Then he sends out another text.

BiBoi:  By the way, you didn't give me HIV either.

I was pissed.  First, he blames for giving him a rash that I didn't give him. Then he sends me a text about giving him HIV.  I call him and he picks up.  He didn't apologize to me just says he was being honest and looking out for himself.  Seriously, you couldn't have seen the doctor before accusing me of these things. 

We made plans to meet up.  He didn't realize that I was pissed but that really hurt.  I would never intentionally do anything to harm him.  He thought I was making too much out of it and should as he said "stop acting like a seventh grade girl."  We didn't really get anything resolved and I made it pretty clear that I wasn't doing to deal with this shit again.  Then he started getting into the real story behind it.  He mentioned to one of his friends about the rash and his friend freaked him out.  So instead of talking to me, he calls his sister and tells her everything:  about me, having bareback sex, etc.  His sister tells his parents and the next thing he knows, he is in the burbs getting every imaginable test run and lectured, yelled at by his parents.

I decide to cut him some slack.  I remember being his age and getting tested for the first time.  I convinced myself that the test was wrong so I kept going back and getting tested every month because I was sure that I wasn't negative.  It took awhile for me to believe it and I eventually moved past my issues.  Telling your parents that you are a bi or gay and that you may have a STD is pretty traumatic.

We decided to take a break but continue talking and texting each other.  This wasn't the break-up I anticipated but it hurt just the same, maybe even more.

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