Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Return of Snowy Garage Fuck

I hadn't met up with Snowy Garage fuck since we played in my garage in the middle of the night.  He was hard to get a hold of as he didn't give out his phone number and his real email so I would have to email him through the old post and he may or may not get back with me.    I was surfing the sites and I saw an ad that looked very familiar to the ad I previously had answered.  I responded and realized pretty quickly that it was the same guy.  He has this whole elaborate process where we meet up a place and it's the same scene.  He comes up to my car, gets in and we head to a vacant building that I have access to every now and then.  We get there and he is very much into kissing.  We are standing in this empty building, making out rubbing our cocks into each other. I pull off his shirt and see his skinny, tatted up body.  I remember that he likes his nipples played with so I give them a twist and a little smile.  I take down his pants and his dick is hard.  I forgot that is was as big as it was which is always a nice surprise.  I went down and started sucking his cock for a bit.  Got him good and hard.  As I started getting up, I sucked on his nipples and I thought he was going to cum.  We kissed again and he pulled down my pants and started giving me head.  He stops to tell me not to cum in his mouth and I say sure.  He blows me and I start picking up the pace, fucking his mouth until I am ready to cum. I shoot on the ground.  He asks me to suck on his nipples again and he jacks off, shooting on my chest.  We clean up and I take him back.  I tell him to give me a ring if he wants to get together again and he says he won't.  I should email him and he'll get back to me.  Strange kid but a hot mouth.


  1. Hello, all the best (^_^) Please visit me back!

  2. What's new in the windy city? Any more news?