Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jock Strap Boy Texts Part 2

Here's the follow up to our earlier texts:

Me:  I just left work

JSB:  Ok...

JSB:  I have a thong

Me:  On?

JSB:  No....

Me:  For me?  I'm too masculine 4 a thong

JSB:  No it would be cool if we both had some on don't u think?

Me:  I have a jock or two

JSB:  Me too but I think it would be cool to both wear one..or me but I thought I had one but I dont

JSB:  Would u like me to wear a thong?

Me:  It would be hot to eat ur ass out in a jock

JSB:  But I need a jock

Me:  What happened to yours?

JSB:  it got dirty if u know what I mean....

JSB:  Yeah I got cum on it from earlier but it would be cool to get a new white one...or a thong would be hot

Me:  U got some earlier?

JSB:  It got dirty cause I jerked off while I was talking to u or texting

Me:  Now that's hot

JSB:  We should get some new ones white ones would  be hot

Me:  Yeah

JSB:  Jock straps I mean

Me:  I have a white one

JSB:  I don't can u get one for would be hot to wear and to get rimmed in

Me:  Fuck yeah.  I really want to eat your ass out

Me:  I'll want to fuck u after tho

JSB:  Lol naw rim but not fucking

JSB:  So let's play tonight...will get the strap

Me:  Can't blame me for trying

Me:  Yeah.  Really want u in a jock.

JSB:  Damn...I'm really horny

JSB:  Imma take a shower and get me ready to get rimmed

JSB:  We'll jock play then flesh light oral porn fucking.....

Me:  Fuck yeah

JSB:  I just showered ready to play.  Want my balls licked

JSB:  U ready for jock play?

Me:  Fuck yeah.

JSB:  I want that cherry...

Me:  Leaving in 2