Saturday, September 5, 2009

Running out with my pants undone

I know I said that i was done with him as he was just too difficult to manage. But hey a guy gets horny and he's persistent. I guess wc here likes a guy to chase him. Not really. he texts me early in the morning and i was up and going to the office. he says he has a place, so i pick him up. it's his old apartment building. We go and walk around through what feels like a maze. we end up in this back hall near the fire exit. he pulls down his pants and i do the same. he asks me if i have a condom and i say no. he's says OK and pushes his ass back and grabs my cock. he usually makes me wear a condom so I'm really excited. i enter him raw and his ass feels like silk. i start pounding away on him. we're fucking for about 2 or 3 minutes when we hear this door open and foot steps. the next thing i know, we are running out of the building, undressed. i stop by a garbage dumpster, make it seem like i am taking a piss and get my shit together. waiter boy ran the other direction. seriously, wtf, i am too old for this shit. running down and alley in a suit before 7 am.


  1. Lol damn, that really fucking sucks! I would be dying to get off after that tho

  2. LMFAO! This guy is fuckin' trouble.