Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day Part 2

Technically it was Sunday. After my man laid some serious wood on me, we had a nice dinner, watched a flick, drank some booze and fell asleep. Since I didn't cum earlier, I woke up hornier than usual. While he's sleeping, I start to grope him. All this while rubbing up against him. Pretty soon, my goal of waking him up is in full gear. I roll him over and start blowing him. I can taste me on his cock and it's hot and gross at the same time. He then goes down and starts giving me head. I'm laying back allowing him to give me a wet, slow blow job. The kind I like to get hard with when I'm going to fuck, not the I want to face fuck you type. While he's sucking my cock, I tell him to roll over, I want his ass. He gets on his side. I'm not sure if he wants to fuck since he's never done this before but fucking on your side is fun. I start rubbing my cock on his ass. I'm spilling pre-cum everywhere. I go and get the lube and lube up his ass and my cock. I push it in. I hear him as I do this so I take it slow. I listen to his breathing so I know when I can pick up the pace. I start giving it to him harder. I gran a hold of him as I continue fucking him. I'm not sure why this is the first time we've fucked this way cause it's hot and intimate at the same time. As I push my cock in and out of his ass, I kiss his neck. He's bucking with me. We are fucking in sync. I'm getting ready to cum and almost forget to pull out (it's his rule, no cumming inside). I blow my load all over him the bed and the pillows. We kiss for a bit, cuddle and fall back to sleep. ah...I need the rest.

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  1. im really mad at myself because i didnt use the words laid some serious wood or pipe in my post the other day, but i wish i could fuck my guy but it seems i always end up on my back when i do.