Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I just had to say no - twice

It was a little weird this weekend. I had been emailing with this guy who was into oral only. I put him on the back burner but was going to meet up with him this weekend. He was very persistent, kept emailing me. This is usually a negative but I figure why not. So I make plans to meet with him and he gives me the address. I realize that I had been there before and the guys is kinda weird and controlling. I look at the pics but still it doesn't click but I'm not going back for seconds. First off, I couldn't get out of there fast enough last time and I was not going to deal with it again. Second, blow jobs only rarely merit a return session unless they can suck the hub caps off your car. And this did not qualify.

The second guy was a lot different. He only posted a body pic claiming not to have a face. I was into his bid, nice Latino ass, great chest, nice uncut cock. He gives me the address and I know it. I had been with him several times in the past, probably 5. But the last time I said not again. The last time he arranges a three way with the light skinned redbone with a huge cock, maybe 8.5 or 9 inches. It was going well and I was really into the redbone, so much so that I was thinking about taking his cock. It would have been a tight fit. Before we get to that, he scoots us together, balls to balls, cock shaft to cock shaft, lubes us and his ass and sits on both of us raw. It took some effort but not that much for the massive cock of the redbone and my nearly 7 incher. It was totally hot, I love feeling the redbones dick fucking while I was fucking. It felt fucking great. I edged up and shot a load deep into his ass. It was even hotter feeling redbone's boys going up his prick and shooting. After having been there a bunch and double dicking the slut, where was there to go. It couldn't have been any hotter. And I was bit bother by the ease of him taking it so I figured, time to put this in the past. I didn't meet up even though some time has passed. I could never forget the redbone experience and would want it again. I wish I would have exchanged contact info with redbone but didn't. So an eventful yet uneventful weekend.


  1. ive actually sucked the hubcaps off of a car. it takes a lot of effort.

  2. whatcha talkin about bitch ?!?!?!
    that latino culo sounds hot !!

    id be hittin that up again :p

    great blog
    pig :p

  3. I think I figured that I've fucked him so many times and how could it get any better than that. I really struggled with passing cause my dick was saying yes but my brain was fucking things up. I really don't fucking know what I'm talking about but that's my fucked thought process.

  4. Sometimes yiu gotta say no after a few okay experiences. I kmow where you're coming from on this. Love your blog.