Monday, February 23, 2009

Forgot how hot he was

I have a couple of posts still to write but I'm a bit under the weather here so I'm going to hold off on writing those. But last night watching the Oscars, I forgot how much I want Adrien Brody to fuck the daylights out of me. Ever since I saw him in Summer of Sam, with that spiked hair, hot body and bikini briefs showing off a huge cock, I've dug him. Even while not in the best of conditions, I had to rub one out to him last night. That's about the only thing to be thankful from the Oscar show. By the way, this does confirm, I do love a bad boy.


  1. Cool fucking post. you read my mind. I had been looking at Oscarpics yesterday and saw one of Adrian, and he churns my butter too!! I love his nose and eyes and I though "I need to make a post about him", and here is your post. Cool. Did not know about the bikini is Summer of Sam, will have to look that up tonight.

  2. If you find a pic of it forward it on. I looked for it to post but couldn't find it. But I remember hot hot it was and hot I wanted him tp eat my ass out and stick his big nose up my ass followed by his big cock.