Thursday, February 26, 2009

James & the seedy motel

I am talking with this guy 22 year old twink online last month. He had some cock pics and his stats posted (22, 6'1, 150). He's in the closet, lives at home, doesn't have a car, lives on the other side of town in an area that can best be described as working class. Not exactly a great start. And before I forget, he won't send a face pic or give his phone number out. The saving grace is he is a young, skinny twink who likes older guys. I decide to meet him. He asks me to pick him up at the car wash. I told him OK, I'd be there in about 45 minutes and I give him my number. I'm running way behind and he calls me and asks where I am. I'm not too far away so I told him to hold on. The fucking moron is waiting outside and it's in the single digits. I get there about 20 minutes later and he's not there. I email him and take care of some business. I don't hear back, so I leave, pissed at myself for going when I was suspicious of his whole routine. I get to work and he has sent me a pissy email. I respond back and make sure he knows I was there. He apologizes and says he left because he was too cold. Whatever. I figure enough of him. He keeps emailing me wanting to get together and he somehow talks me into it. I think I figured that I wouldn't have waited outside when it was 6 degrees either. But I head out........

He emails me to pick him up near his house and describes what he'll be wearing. I love the fact that he's in the closet but this meet me here crap is getting a bit old. I pull up and he gets in my car. He's cute but looks bigger than 150 but not fat. Since he can't host, we head over to this motel that is nearby. We have some stupid conversation along the way but he's growing on me. We finally get there and it's kinda seedy and has a horrible tropical name. I go in and get a room, for $35. Who knew....

We get in the room and I pee while he finds the free bad porn on the TV. He asks for the condoms and I pull some out. He starts getting undressed and I realize he is about 150 it's just the bad over sized clothes he's wearing that make him look heavier. He's got a nice body. He's thin. The type that doesn't have any fat on him and smooth with milky white skin. We both get naked and I'm feeling him up. He turns his face away when I try to kiss him and says he doesn't kiss. I wish he did but I can deal with it because I am rock hard and want this little punk bad. I start licking up his body. I push his arm back and start eating out his pits. Nice and clean. Yum. He has really nice small nipples which I then suck on. I love his body, he's not muscular but doesn't have any fat so it's all natural. I can eat him up. I kiss his body going down the sides and back up. I then start sucking his dick. He has a nice cock, about 7. As I'm giving him head, I go to finger his ass. He tells me that I put some preparation H down there because getting fucking hurts him and this makes it easier. So much for eating your ass out pal. And it's a cute little ass too. I continue giving him head alternating sucking him, running his shaft up my goatee so I can see his cock twitch, sucking his balls, tonguing his slit, and sucking hard. He tells me to stop cause he's getting close to cumming. I tell him he better not cum yet. He says no problem and reaches over for the condoms and puts it on my raging hard cock. He scoots up and I put his legs over my shoulders and line my prick up with his hole. He asks me to go slow, so I do. I go in slowly and stop, letting him get used to it. I keep looking at him and love his body so much. Not just the chest but the thin muscular arms and legs. I could look at him all day. But I don't. I move further in and stop again. I wait to make sure he's ready for it all. Once I push so that I it's basically my pubes that are visible, I start moving my cock sideways to stretch him out. I start picking up the pace but am still slow fucking him. He's getting into so it I can start going harder. After about 15 minutes, he says his legs hurt so we start fucking doggy style. I start banging him hard and he loves it. The nice part is I can reach around and start stroking his cock as I beat down on his hole. I can feel him getting excited, his hole starts getting tighter. I feel his ass contract as he starts to cum and this throws me over the edge and I pull out, whip off the condom and start cumming on his ass. This freaks him out a bit but too bad. I want my boys to be free. I notice that he wasn't as clean as I thought but that's the motel's problem. We clean up and I drive him back. On the way he puts the hoodie covering his face. I ask him about it and he say "Bro, I'm not out and if anyone sees me with you they'll be asking who's the old dude in the nice ride." OMFG, just put a knife in there punk. This old dude just fucked the shit out of you. I get a grip and make a smart ass remark and he apologizes and says "I think your hot". I'm tell him it's OK because, I realize I'm 16 years older than him (I'm 38), in a suit, driving a $40K+ foreign car in a neighborhood where you don't see it. This kid is a keeper, I may need to make him a fb.


  1. dude does not appreciate you. you really need to come scoop me up to be your live in maid and more. i also cook, lol.

  2. Hot sex plus you'll cook and clean: when did we turn back the clock to 1960. You're on. This kid is not a bright light, he's a hot piece of ass. I'm not looking for appreciation from him.