Monday, February 16, 2009

A hook-up turns into a date

I am not sure how this actually happened. I was chatting up this middle eastern guy last week and put him off in favor of munching the Rican straight boy. We made plans for Friday night and I wasn't sure if I would meet him since I fucked the Mexican twink earlier. Well, I did. We email back and forth and I find out he's a doctor. Good, I am assuming he is clean but may have a bit of a god complex. I meet him at his place and he's really sweet and adorable. 5'10, brown, brown, 155-160, 29. I sit down and we start talking. After about 15 minutes, I can tell he digs me plus he told me that I was hot and looked better than my pics. Good start plus some flattery will get you everywhere. We start kissing. He's OK but something not quite right, like he hasn't kissed much. We kiss for awhile and slowly take our clothes off. He's feeling up my pecs and eventually we go to the bed. We get down to our underwear and start kissing again. Now we are groping each other everywhere. Pretty soon I have off his underwear and I take his cock in my mouth. He's a good size, not too big and not too small. He has to stop me cause he says he's close. I tell him he better not come yet!!! He laughs nervously and tells me that he hasn't been with many guys. I asked him when he started and less than a year. Not a big surprise with the kissing and the rough, I am not familiar with a guy, way that he has played. He also tells me that he's only topped a guy and he's a virgin ass. I know he's not giving it up tonight so we just continue to play and chat. He goes down on my cock now and I start fucking his mouth. We go back and forth sucking each other, do a little 69 action, a little rimming. He' s rubbing on me, a little frottage action and tells me he's going to cum. Cool. Well, fuck, he starts shooting missiles at me, three go flying by my head and hit the wall, the fourth hits me right in the eye. And in case you don't know, it fucking burns. I deal with it and start rubbing on his ass. My cock against his hole. I can tell he digs this and wants it but is thinking he shouldn't be a slut. After a bit of thrusting my cock shaft over his manhole, I cum. We kiss and take a long shower. We get dressed and hang out for a bit talking. He asks me to go out on Valentine's day and I tell him to email but I have plans. I get home and he's sent me this super sweet email or maybe a bit stalkerish:

"Hey, May I say that you are just amazing, I couldn't wait until tomorrow to send you an e mail.your presence with me made me so happy, you really have so much excitement.I will keep in touch and hope to see you soon."

That's how I ended up on a date. I do have to say that I did like this guy. Cute, smart, eager to please. He may be a nice side bf. I also have this guy pegged at giving up his cherry on the third time/"date". Any thoughts on that?

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