Friday, February 13, 2009

Cold Outside Fuck w/ 19 year old

I answered this ad from this 19 year old kid. He's Italian and has a cute face, a bit of a cub. I'm pretty horny so I figure why not. I'm supposed to meet him at his sister's place. As I'm on my way, he lets me know his sister is going to be home but to come over and we'll find a place in her building. We're looking around and there are not any spots to play. We walk outside by the outdoor garage and there are some dark corners but not where you can't be scene. Then I notice that part of wooden privacy fence is knocked down. We go over to the building next door and the back is pretty private. The buildings around can't see and there's only a back door. So we both nod to try it. It's about 42 degrees outside so this is going to be a clothing on and try to finish off asap. We start kissing and rubbing each others crotches. I unzip my pants and pull my cock out of my boxers but leave the pants belted and on. He drops his pants a bit and I turn him around. I spit on my cock and push it in his hole. He asks me to be gentle that he is really inexperienced. I will but it being dry isn't going to help. He was super tight but I get my cock in him. I ease slowly further in. I'm taking nice slow, long stokes. He's moaning like a little girl. I smacked upside his head and told him to shut the fuck up. I start fucking faster cause it's too cold to be fucking outside and he's going to get us caught. As I getting ready to blow, we hear some noises so I cum everywhere. In him. On his crack. On his underwear. I get some on his jacket. He's a mess. False alarm. I zip up and we walk back into the building and I leave. He emails me later saying that he found a room we could of used. I love breaking in new ground as I've never fucked outdoors before.


  1. yea ive had 2 outside experiences so far. they were both very fun though

  2. I read about one of your experiences and it was fucking hot.

  3. the only bad thing about it was i had a cold for a week after it