Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thug Play

The other night I respond to this ad on Craigslist. The dude is Latin 26 and not too far from me. In chatting with him, he tells me that he has only had 2 experiences with a guy. I'm a little skeptical but we makes plans to meet. I have to wait for him outside, where he drives up and sits until the coast is clear. He calls me over to the window and I'm thinking he is either on the DL or I am going to get bashed. He asks me if I'm interested and I say yes. He gets out of the car and we go in. He's cute 5'9, 170, shaved head, a hot little Puerto Rican dude. He's also dressed like a thug. Baggy jersey shirt, jeans way too big, sneakers and a baseball cap. We get in and he's totally nervous. He's actually making me nervous. We sit on the couch and talk. He tells me that I'm going to be the third guy he's with and wants to be totally comfortable. It's cool, whatever you want. He wants to watch porn so we head to the bedroom. We get down to our underwear and t-shirts and lay on the bed. We feel each other up, real slow. Eventually I pull his cock out and start stroking it. It's nice, uncut, not too thick, 7.5 and a beautiful head. I ask him what he wants and he wants to be rimmed because his girlfriend won't do that. I'm cool with that and usually rimming leads to me fucking that ass, so I am down. He has a nice hole, hairy but clean. I start licking. I raise his legs so I can get all in there and go to town. Eventually, I put a pillow under him to raise his ass so I can really focus on eating the Latin hole out. While I am doing this I am gyrating, grinding my cock into the bed. I probably shouldn't be cause I'm getting so turned on I cum all over the bed. Knowing that I came seems to relax him. I keep eating him out and he grabs his ankles and rolls back so I can go deeper into him. I get a better angle and start making out with his ass. I start stroking him and continue tossing his salad until he comes. He tells me that was great and asks if I'm cool with doing this again. Fuck yeah, hit me up anytime papi. The burning question I have is: Do you think he'll give up that virgin Rican J-Lo ass to me? Cause I want it.

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  1. I think he will. Since I'm a few years behind, we'll see.