Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mexican tea time

I put out an ad on Friday afternoon as I was going to be at the Mart and there are always lots of hot gay boys around there. I'm chatting with this little hottie, 22, 5'10, 155, Mexican dude. I really dig Latin guys and this guy was really cute. We decide to meet up but he wants to do it in a bathroom. I'm not down with this but he lays out a plan that will allow me to ditch him if I fee things are not cool. He wants me to meet him in what would be a pretty busy bathroom. He'll be in the second or third stall. I should go into the toilet next to him and drop a pen so he know its me and he'll flush. I am supposed to follow him to the next bathroom where we'll play. All goes as planned and I start following him through the Mart. He takes me past the elevators, through the part I thought we'd go to. We end up in the other building where the Holiday Inn, Sun Times and Comcast station is. I then follow him through another maze and he enters a bathroom and a stall. He tells me to go to the next one. I see him sticking his hot Latin cock underneath the stall. It's about 7 inches, uncut and darker than his caramel colored skin. I get my head under the stall and start sucking on his chorizo like my life depended on it. I've got a raging boner myself as I'm sprawled out on the bathroom floor sucking him off. While this bath room was super clean, I head over to his stall and enter. I start sucking him off and playing with his chest. He has a nice body, strong, thick legs and a nice chest. I stand up and push him down, he sucks on my cock for a bit. When he gets up, I turn him around and bury my face in his ass. It's clean and I start rimming him. He reaches into his backpack and takes out a condom and hands it to me. I put it on, spit on my dick and his ass and stick it in. He gasps as he is facing the wall of the toilet. I go deeper into him and start pounding his ass as he jerks his cock. I dig fucking his ass. He's got a strong meaty one to go with his legs and it feels good to be invading him. I Can feel him tightening up as he spurts a huge load, squirting the wall three time and shooting the rest all over the toilet seat. It doesn't take long for me to cum after and I shoot it deep in the condom as I continue to pound his hole. We finish up, get our clothes on and go wash up by the sink. I walk out first, he follows and we go our separate ways. Totally hot dude and scene. It's fucking amazing that you can have a hot fuck like that and speak less than 3 or 4 sentences to each other.

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  1. Hot as fuck! Would love to have been a fly on the wall.