Saturday, February 21, 2009

The 40 something year old virgin???

I had this meeting out in the burbs the other day. I rarely make it out that way and figured why not see what there is to offer. I put out and ad and was shocked that there were so many guys into cock out there. Most of the guys skewed over 30. I received this interesting email response:

No Kissing! bud pritty much everything elses goes hispanic married home alone loking to get ponded for the first time small dick wold do for me

Married virgins always peak my interest plus I love Hispanic. May not be able to help him with the small dick part but not too large here so, this could be hot. We chat up and he invites me over. Once I get there, he's definitely Hispanic but not sure what nationality, maybe South American cause he's tall, over 6 feet tall. He's about 42, 175 pounds with nice pecs.

I arrive and he's on the phone dealing with some unauthorized charge on his credit card that his daughter made. I am standing there listening, feeling kinda guilty about this. Not guilty enough to leave so I wait. He's in a t-shirt and underwear and clues me in that I can stay by bring me to the bedroom. He gets off the phone and I quiz him about being a virgin and he says he tried before but one guy couldn't penetrate him and the other came before they fucked. He asks me if I brought "protection" and I tell him no. He looks as I am now out of my suit and says ok. He starts sucking me through my boxers before taking them off. He asks me to go on the bed. He gets up there and starts sucking my dick and puts his ass for me to eat. I'm not feeling it so I spit and start to finger him. He asks me if I want to fuck him. I'm here dude, so yeah. He goes onto his back and raises his legs. He says to be careful cause he's tight. I spit on my cock and stick the head in raw. He moans and says that my head is big. And reminds me to go slow. I slowly stick it all the way in. He's handling it well so I continue until I'm all the way in. I just stop and let him feel it. I do a jig to move side to side, to stretch the hole out a bit. It's time to start really fucking so I start fucking him., giving his the pounding he said he wanted. He's moaning and grimacing so I roll him to his side and fuck him on his side. He starts going nuts. It probably doesn't hurt that I jack him off while breaking his ass apart. It's obvious that he can take it a lot better this way. Plus, you can really pound one out on a guy that is on his side. I start to really fuck him, fast and furiously and hard. He's getting into. I can feel I'm getting close and was going to ask him where he wanted me to cum. What am I thinking, if this dude WAS a virgin, he's going to feel cum deep in his ass. Plus breeding a married man is hot. I shoot my jizz up his ass and continue fucking until I'm soft. I'm not sure if he was a virgin but I'm going to take him at his word plus it made it hot for me, taking some man cherry.


  1. damn im so hard right now and that fact that you landed another hispanic guy(my dream guy would be hispanic) and you're a boxer wearer just makes it that much better

  2. So hot you came inside!! I'll bet he loved it when (if) he noticed all the cum seeping out of his ass later!