Sunday, February 8, 2009

Role Play - Interview with Rob

Was feeling kinda kinky the other day and wanted something fun. I post that I'm looking for: to conduct an interview and during the interview we end up having sex. Hot scene. I email up with this guy Rob, who is 35, 5'8. 140 with nice cock and beautiful hairy bush. We make arrangements for the next day and he comes for his interview. It's all good to start, he's kinda cute and skinny which I dig. I am asking his some bullshit questions and use the prepared line and he's supposed to come over and look at the resume and rub up on me. I tell him:

Me: Your resume doesn't reflect that.

Rob: Sorry, must be a typo.

At this point, I'm thinking dude, that's the cue. So I ask him another question to which he responds and I repeat the it's not on his resume and he figures out that he's supposed to come over. He does and rubs his cock against me and lets his hand gingerly brush against my neck. I grab his leg and pull him closer. He grinds into me harder. I stand up and we grind into each other. We have a soft kiss and start rubbing each others packages. I open his pants and rub his nice 8 inch cock. He does the same to mine. We undress so we can don't have to waste time later getting the clothes off. I then push him down to suck me and he gives head for a bit. I then go down and try to swallow his cock but can't take it all. I stand up and start kissing his neck and twist his nipples. He lets out a screech, telling me how much he loves this. Perfect. I turn him around, twist his nipples and start rubbing my cock on his ass and.....the fucker didn't clean his ass before coming over. I'm totally pissed. I don't understand why a guy would meet up and not clean up before hand. I do and I pretty much only top but you never know when someone might want to eat your ass or rub your hole. And as he is supposed to bottom, it really gets me going, in a bad way. Anyhow, as you can guess, this totally ruined it for me. I told him let's just jack off. I spit on my cock and starting jerking it. He shoots a huge load which gets me going. I think of a former trick and blow mine. On his way out he asks:

Rob: Did I get the job?
Me: We just started conducting interviews so I'll let you know if we are conducting second interviews.
Rob: Let me know, I am willing to meet with anyone from your company.

I bet you are willing. Please. He's lucky I didn't throw his ass out of there when I stuck my cock on his smarmy ass. What the fuck is wrong with this guy. Not exactly a good time but you know sometimes you just need to get off or I would have thrown him out and his clothes alone with his shame.


  1. ewww, thats just nasty. its bottoms like those who gives bottoms like me a bad name. i take a shower before i even think about getting fucked.

  2. I'm not into fucking but even I know you must go through thr ritual of cleaning out before fucking.