Monday, May 18, 2009


I really hadn't planned on writing about this part of the Nick saga. But inquiring minds have asked and I have put so much more than I ever thought out there, why not this. The shit he pulled with me ended up badly for everyone. He ended up in jail and I was "forced" to prosecute him. I use "forced" because he left me no other option. He did something beyond belief, knew it and was a complete ass about it because he didn't think I would follow through. He was wrong. He underestimated how much he hurt me, how angry I was and how deeply troubled he really was. We eventually put it behind us as he went into rehab and started doing better. But with addicts, it's a slippery slope. He eventually started using again and the criminal charges continued. It went from drug possession to theft, probation violations to prison. He really fucked his life up. I wish he hadn't but he did. I feel fortunate that I was able to leave and not allow my life to free fall into the vortex his did. I feel horrible that I couldn't do more. I haven't heard from him since he went to prison. I wrote him a note letting him know that I still loved him but was saddened by what he had become. He never wrote back. It was probably for the best. I think the shame he felt in knowing that I was right, that he could of done something amazing with his life and he wasted it. I only hope that he overcomes his self-destructive nature and does great things. Deep inside, the guy that had everything at his fingertips is still there, he just needs to find the road that leads to a better life.


  1. very sad. i hope he can pull himself back up. unfortunately it has to be his own doing...

  2. Windy City....!

    What a sad ending for Nick. I agree with Godfrey and here's hoping he can get his life back on track.

    It must've felt terrible for you to prosecute Nick but it sounds like you didn't have much of a choice.

    I'm glad to hear that you moved on from this experience. Still saddened by it of course, but at least you moved on from it.

    Thanks for another candid post!