Friday, May 22, 2009

IML - expanding horizons and pussing out

I was invited to this hot sex party yesterday and couldn't pass up doing this up. I get there and there are a bunch of guys there, with most of the guys ranging in age from early 20's to mid 40's with a few guys older than that there. I've never taken part in any type of group activity/orgy so I was really nervous. So nervous that I think it was obvious to everyone. And being nervous is never good for keeping a boner. So needless to say, I hung out and acted as a voyeur but didn't participate in the group unless you count jacking off. I give my self credit for staying and watching cause it was hot but am mad at myself for being a pussy and joining in. I mean seriously, isn't making the decision to take part in a group the major part. Obviously, the good boy in me won out. When I have some time, I will detail it for you cause it was pretty hot.


  1. what I like most of your blog are the "spicy" comments.

    Have fun ;)

  2. I like to keep it real. Even when it hurts to do so.

  3. Is it really that much different than going to the baths or a blowjob club? I have never been to IML so have no idea what to expect. But, I do live in the Bay Area and as most know we arenot shy when it comes to multiple partners.