Thursday, March 8, 2012

Being the other man

Back around Thanksgiving, I met this super hot, 25 year old, 6'2, 180, latin boy.  He was very discreet as he was married.  It started out with him giving me head.  It moved quickly to fucking and now he takes my cock bareback.  I love that he's married because he never calls out of turn.  He will usually text me in the mornings on the day he wants to meet.  I go over to his place, we have a hot make out session followed by him blowing me before he pushes me on the bed, lubes up my cock and his ass and rides me until I blow my load deep in his ass. Afterward, he isn't into cuddling or any bs, just wash up and see you next time.  I can't get enough of this dude.  I could fuck him every day.  He is so hot and the sex is so passionate that I want it.  Since he's married, I never contact him first.  I always wait for him to call me or text me and then I run over.  Now I know what it feels like being the other man.  Waiting for the call.  Being ready on his demand.  Knowing this is all it will ever be.  And being okay with that.  At least I still have my other dudes that I play with but he's my first choice.  I love sneaking around with him, fucking him in their bed, being his male mistress.