Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Following Up on Beefy Latin Stud (BSL)

I wanted to clear the air on my last post.  I certainly was not trying to callous about BLS status.  Our relationship, if you want to call it that, was always casual.  We were fuck buds.  The problem we had was that we tried to make it more than it was.  When we tried that route, things didn't work.  As I've posted before, turning a tick into more ruined our tricking.  We went from being regular buds to being a lot less than that.  I am upset about his situation.  I never expected that he would here.   He never did drugs around me but I knew he did drugs.  I didn't really ask and he didn't really get into it.  It wasn't part of our deal.  What we did have was alot of hot sex.  Even though we fucked a lot, I always remember two specifics times with him.  The first is the time that we were just getting crazy and I reached back and sat on his dick raw.  I never get caught up in the passion of sex and get fucked raw except for this time.  It was hot and I jack off to it all the time.  The other was when we went at it around pride and fucked liked dirty sluts until I shot my load deep in his ass.  I also owe him for all the shit he put up with when my ex and I were breaking up. He gave me a place to just get away from the shit that was going on at home.  I'm grateful for that even though it was also what started our downfall.

If you want to go back and read about him here are a few that I quickly found, two of which cover the moments above.  Enjoy boys because, I am going to beat off thinking about him:

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